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AIDAS Personal GmbH
Thannstrasse 2
CH-9403 Goldach
Tel. +41 71 844 54 54
Fax +41 71 844 54 55
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The AIDAS Team Goldach

Heinz Boog

Heinz Boog / Management and HR advisory

To help people, getting a better quality of life - that's what I wanted to do since I was 16. Later on, I realised that this aim can be reached best by working in the service sector. After a few years getting knowledge in the telemarketing and other service spheres, the year 2000 was the year, when I came closer to my aim: I changed to HR advisory and specialised in the placment in all fields of industry-, building-industry, administration as well as in the management (even different levels of management). Here I experiences with deep satisfaction what it means, helping people to find work. I managed to help people, who seemed to have no chance to find work I saw happy, bright eyes, when I managed to bring someone back to work an bread. In these situations, people got the unique and better quality of life, that I always dreamt of. These people gave everything to proof, that my confidence in them was justifiable. And I heard words of approval from happy Employers. So, the desired symbiosis between candidates and costumers - in which both of them benefit - was reached. With the aim, to even better cater the customers and cadidates needs and wishes, Jan Plopa and me went about the step towards professional independence. A lot of responsibility for a professional consulting always needs a required competence. That's why my motto is: „Success is not random, but the consequently setting and reaching of objectives“.

Jan Plopa

Jan Plopa / Management and HR advisory

Dear Customer, dear candidate, I don't want to bore you with my hobbies. But you could be interested in my professional background, so here is a short abstract in note form: I finished my training as a commercial clerk in a chemistry company in St. Gallen. After that I worked in the domain of administration and sales administration. Early in 2003 I changed to the domain HR advisory. Here I worked during three years and got from a assistant to a branch manager. I specialised in the placment of employees in building-, industry and commercial domains. That also included the placement of different levels of management. During this informative time i got to know positiv but unfortunately also a lot of negative aspects of the placement. The latter brought Heinz Boog and me to the decision, to start an own company – the AIDAS PERSONAL GmbH. My professional motto sounds easy, but its realisation requires a lot of employment: „The right employees at the right time at the right place". This employment I assure you , dear candidate - together with Heinz Boog and Ute Riewe - boundlessly. Because your satisfaction is the elixir of our company.

Irene Zollinger

Irene Zollinger / Leitung Administration

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Astrid Habrik

Astrid Habrik / Empfang und Assistenz

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Flavia Zünd

Flavia Zünd / Personalassistenz

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Romeo Bernhard

Romeo Bernhard / Personalassistenz

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